Snow Scope of Work

Chapter 1: Introduction to Snow Removal Scopes of Work
Kevin Smith begins our Masterclass on best practices for a snow removal scope of work.
Chapter 2: Building a Scope of Work
So what is the impact of cost versus brand, and equally importantly, what is the relationship of cost to liability exposure?
Chapter 3: Service Triggers
Service Triggers are the most important aspect of building your scope of work, learn how to maximize your services while minimizing costs.
Chapter 4: De-Icing
How can you keep your site as safe as possible while maintaining lower costs?
Chapter 5: Product Type
What products should you be willing to pay for when it comes to de-icing?
Chapter 6: Service Validation
Kevin Smith covers what technology and tools are common for service validation today.
Chapter 7: Field Support
Educate yourself on what type of field support you should request from your snow removal supplier.