Managing a Brand Refresh

Learn how you and your organization can successfully navigate a Brand Refresh. French Bolen will be your Subject Matter Experts for this Masterclass.
Chapter 1: Introduction to Managing Your Brand Refresh
French Bolen, VP of Sign Solutions at Enterprise Signs, discusses all the topics we will cover in this Masterclass.
Chapter 2: What is a Brand Refresh?
French Bolen discusses what is and is not a Brand Refresh, and what different types of Brand Refreshes are common.
Chapter 3: Why Refresh and Refresh Examples
Why does a brand chose to have a refresh and could it be time for you to consider?
Chapter 4: Justifying Brand Refreshes
If you’re wondering if it’s time to refresh your brand, consider these justifications:
Chapter 5: Brand Refresh Steps
What steps should you follow when working on a Brand Refresh?
Chapter 6: Attributes of a Well Designed Logo
French Bolen breaks down the 6 key features for a logo.
Chapter 7: Brand Refresh Steps Continued
Steps you should follow after deciding to move forward with a Brand Refresh.
Chapter 8: Wrap Up
French Bolen concludes our Masterclass on Managing Your Brand Refresh.