Irrigation Management 101

Brian Amoroso leads our Masterclass on Irrigation Management 101 and what you need to know when evaluating your irrigation needs.
Chapter 1: Introduction to Irrigation Management 101
Our Vice President of Program Management, Brian Amoroso, lays out the goals and agenda for our Irrigation Management Masterclass.
Chapter 2: Components of the Irrigation System
Learn about all the components of an irrigation system to help guide you when planning your next landscaping project.
Chapter 3: Irrigation Controllers
What is an irrigation controller? How does understanding how your controller works ensure your system is running properly?
Chapter 4: Backflow Device
What does a backflow device do and what are the most common types you will see?
Chapter 5: Wet Tests
What should you look for during a wet test?
Chapter 6: Common Issues
Brian Amoroso will go over some common issues that you may find while monitoring your system during the season.
Chapter 7: Well Maintenance
If your irrigation system is supplied by well water, learn how to inspect and maintain it.
Chapter 8: Well Water Management
Brian Amoroso walks you through the process of how to manage your well water.
Chapter 9: Detention Ponds
Detention ponds will require routine maintenance to keep them operational. Learn how to spot issues or maintenance needs for your detention pond.
Chapter 10: Water Usage Management
Learn about the five major components of water usage management that can help you cut down and monitor the amount of water your irrigation system is using.
Chapter 11: Smarter Landscape Installation
How can you improve your landscape installation strategies to reduce cost and improve results?
Chapter 12: Extending the Life Cycle of an Irrigation System
Brian Amoroso provides tips on how to extend the life cycle of your irrigation system.
Chapter 13: Case Studies
Brian covers two irrigation case studies for you.