ADA Compliance

Kevin Lenover guides you through everything you need to know for following ADA compliance.
Chapter 1: Intro to ADA Paving Requirements
Kevin Lenover addresses your obligations under the current ADA regulations as it relates to your parking lots and walkways.
Chapter 2: The Americans with Disabilities Act
What is ADA and what are you responsible for?
Chapter 3: What is Title 3
What is Title 3 and why does it affect you?
Chapter 4: Local vs Federal and Property Access
Learn the difference between federal and local regulations and how each can impact you.
Chapter 5: Accessible Parking Spaces
Why should you focus on the amount of ADA accessible parking spaces you are required to provide?
Chapter 6: Components of a Parking Space
What requirements do you need to follow with your parking spaces?
Chapter 7: Concrete for your ADA Spaces
Kevin Lenover discusses the benefits of utilizing concrete for your ADA spaces.
Chapter 8: ADA Ramps and Walkways
Sidewalks, pathways, and ramps all need to meet the same regulations. Learn what those regulations are in this chapter.
Chapter 9: ADA Curb Cuts and Ramps
What ADA regulations for curbs cuts or ramps do you need to be aware of?
Chapter 10: Ramp Design and Handrails
What do you need to consider when designing your ramps and handrails?
Chapter 11: Truncated Domes
Kevin Lenover explains what a Truncated Dome is and their use.
Chapter 12: The Ugly Truth
Lawsuits against property owners and managers are on the rise, how can you protect yourself?
Chapter 13: Wrap Up
Kevin Lenover wraps up our Masterclass on ADA compliance.