Facility Maintenance

EV Charging Stations

Chapter 1: EV Charging Stations Intro
Today's course will focus on a variety of topics, including how EV Charging Stations are driving profits and can improve brand image.
Chapter 2: Generating Cost-Efficient Benefits
The best way to ensure whether or not EV stations are an investment that matches your portfolio is by understanding your geographical location and population.
Chapter 3: Geographical Areas of Opportunities
Depending on where you are located installing an EV charging station can have varying results.
Chapter 4: Weighing Other Considerations to Install Charging Stations
What other considerations are there to consider as to whether your site may be an excellent place to install a charging station?
Chapter 5: Additional Factors
What other factors should you consider about EV installation?
Chapter 6: Install Tips and Understanding Your Electrical Connectivity
Consider the following factors to help determine and prioritize station site practicality and the best methods to increase visibility when installing your property’s charging station.
Chapter 7: Leveraging Your Parking Lots
How can you use your existing parking lots when considering EV installation?
Chapter 8: Additional EV Unit Considerations
What other considerations do you need to account for when installing an EV station?
Chapter 9: Operation and Maintenance
What operational challenges should you expect to face?
Chapter 10: Helpful Markings for Prime Parking Spots
Learn about how you can prevent traditional gasoline vehicles from using your EV charging stations.
Chapter 11: Enforcing Strict Regulations
You will need to be willing enforce regulations to get maximum value from your EV station.
Chapter 12: Alternative Applications and Fees
Learn how charging stations offer several ways to produce value.
Chapter 13: Learning the Different Levels
Once you have decided to install EV Charging Stations, learning the different levels will be critical to what you will decide to install.
Chapter 14: Level 1 EV Charging Stations
Listen to Melissa Gurga describe level 1 stations.
Chapter 15: Level 2
Listen to Melissa Gurga describe level 2 stations.
Chapter 16: Match Your Level to Fit Your Budget
How to match your needs and budget to create the best fit.

Call Triage 101

Chapter 1: Intro to Call Triage 101
Jessica Saile leads our Masterclass on our proprietary call triage process
Chapter 2: Scope Triage and Is Something Leaking
Learn how our Triage Process reduces costs and leads to issues being fixed on the first visit.
Chapter 3: Don't Dial 911
One key benefit of a well-executed call triage process is the ability to identify what is and what isn’t an emergency. How can you do this?
Chapter 4: What's the Question
Learn how asking the right questions can save you both time and money!
Chapter 5: Not All Professional Baseball Players are the Same
How can you be more efficient with your work orders and ensure that you only bring in the specialist you need?
Chapter 6: What Should I Pack
How can you provide the best information to make sure your technician can come prepared?
Chapter 7: Summary
Jessica Saile concludes our Masterclass on Call Triage 101!